As bank deposit rates are very low at the present, you may consider investing into a selection of investment funds with a view of achieving a higher investment return. All these types of investments are arranged through life assurance companies and are managed by well established fund managers.

There are a wide selection of lump sum investments available ranging from Tracker Bonds to Unit Linked Funds.

Tracker Bonds

The initial capital invested is guaranteed to be paid back at the end of the term of the policy and depending how the investment fund has performed there may be a surplus but is not guaranteed.

Unit Linked Funds

You may invest directly into a selection of funds and the funds recommended will depend on the investment volatility to suit your circumstances. You can also invest a regular monthly sum into a selection of funds and we can assist in choosing the correct investment mix.

Both lump sum and monthly investment plans are long term commitments and should not be compared to deposit type accounts. For both lump sum and monthly investments we will carry out an analysis to see what level of investment risk you are willing to bear so as to recommend the most suitable investment policy to you. Please note that unless there is a guarantee of the initial capital invested you will be investing in share type investments and the actual returns may be lower or higher than the initial amount invested.

If you would like to know more about possible investment options or would like us to review your current investments please contact us.