Car and House Insurance

Car Insurance

Car Insurance has fully evolved and you can now have the minimum car insurance cover or additional benefits to include personal items insured, personal accident cover, full bonus protection as well a motor rescue to mention a few. Depending on your car usage, we can arrange from private to full business use to commercial travelling.  We are also happy to arrange motor breakdown cover.

House Insurance

This covers the building and the contents of your private residence. The usual cover would include fire, lightning, flood, storm, burst pipes, theft, personal liability insurance for house owners. Nearly all policies are now arranged and paid by direct debits from your bank accounts.

You can add accidental damage cover in relation to any accidental damage caused to contents and buildings and all risks cover for any jewellery or valuables that you may have.

Insuring your jewellery/valuables is important to have, as insurance cover whilst these items are on your person and accidentally lost or stolen from you. As these items are not adequately insured in the standard house insurance policy, you should have these specified and insured separately as part of your policy. It is important not to be underinsured and to maintain a good level of insurance cover for both the buildings and the contents.